From apprentice to journeyman.

Photography, my passion …. indeed for many years. Starting at Art College and then accepted as an apprentice as a photolithographic artist for 5 years, I graduated into pre press in the printing industry learning graphic design, half tone colour separation and eventually to plate making prior to press room. Photography in one form or another has been an essential part of my working life, from large photolithographic panchromatic gallery camera to commercial studio session photography, it has been a very enjoyable experience.

Throughout the years I have personally owned and used many cameras, learning all the techniques, and in many cases developing my own b/w films. Mastering the art of dark room masking and “dodging and burning” whilst dish developing, all resulting in brown fingers, which my mother mistakingly thought was nicotine stain! Very little health and safety then I’m afraid with caustic developers and toxic inflammable chemicals in daily use. The printing industry is now a much different beast. Happy days!

cameras shadow

Old cameras I have used over many years. Now mainly a Canon user!