All these images were created in my home with a little help from Adobe Photoshop!



Meltdown!  Using hot melted crayon wax to produce something a little different.


Too Hot to Handle!  Another image from my wax session.

Too hot to handle! 2

Zipped Zest!  The second image from my zip session. What you don’t see is the juice running down my arms!

Zipped Orange

Zipped Apple!  First of a couple of abstract images from a session with some fruit and a zip!

Zipped Apple

Candle Light

Candle Light


Banana in Paint – an illusion!

Banana in Paint


Champagne glasses – refraction of light

Champagne refraction

An exercise in refraction of light created by liquid through glass, and perfecting the upturned glass without spilling a drop! Just balance and surface tension holding the liquid. No Adobe Photoshop image manipulation used, just held my breath!