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A random collection of images from creations, countries and characters along life’s way.

I must admit that keeping this blog up to date takes more effort than I thought. I really will have to devote more time to this page! 



Royal Pavilion Brighton.  After a recent short visit to Brighton.  A popular image but the reflection makes it in my opinion.

Brighton Royal Pavilion


Dunes and Daytrippers. A print of this won the Irene Froy landscape competition trophy last week at my local camera club. Intentionally soft and defocussed to give a more ethereal appearance.

Dunes and Daytrippers

Mount Etna form the Greek Theatre, Taormina, Sicily. It was a good day last week when this print came second to the one above in the Irene Froy landscape competition. More Sicily images in my gallery page.

Mount Etna from the Greek Theatre, Taormina

Sunset in South Goa. This print did quite well for me in a local camera club competition. A bit of a cliche’ I know but who can resist a nice sunset!

Sunset in South Goa


November 2017. Recently returned from a very enjoyable break in Sicily. A beautiful island that has great character and beauty. A place worth visiting …. so long as you like seafood! These are a few shots taken along the east coast but mainly Ortigia, a part of Siracusa. Please have a look at my Sicily gallery page for more images.


Bridge to Ortigia. This offshore island was occupied by the Greek colonists who fortified it and constructed the earliest structures, including the temples of Athena and Apollo, whose remains can still be seen today.

Bridge to Ortigia

Cathedral of Siracuse (Temple of Minerva). The Cathedral of Syracuse (Duomo di Siracusa), is an ancient Catholic church in Syracuse, Sicily the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Siracusa. Its structure is originally a Greek doric temple, and for this reason it is included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated in 2005. Simply stunning!

Cathedral of Siracuse (Temple of Minerva)_

Mount Etna over Ortigia. This was taken in a small village called Pillirina, over the bay from Ortigia. I was advised by my apartment owner to go there for the view of Mount Etna. I was pleased with it but it does not compare to the views from Taomina further north. See further images on my Sicily gallery page.

Mount Etna over Ortigia, Siracusa

After the rain. A back alley in Ortigia after an evening rain shower. The main problem was keeping everything dry and setting up the tripod on wet stone, and a few curious Sicilians!

After the rain, Ortigia, Siracusa

Temple of Apollo, Ortigia, Siracusa

Temple of Apollo, Ortigia, Siracusa

Jump to it! October 2017. A trip to Holme Next Sea on the Norfolk coast some weeks ago with my granddaughters, ….. who jumped on command!

Jump to it!

Beach for Two. Another mono image showing the (almost) deserted beach. Fortunately the weather was good.

Beach for two

Ripples in the Sand. A more stereotypical image of the Norfolk coast with the sweeping sands after high tide.

Ripples in the Sand

July 2017. Now back off holiday in Corfu, a few images of our visit. A beautiful island that has a surprising amount of rain from November to April making a very green and humid island.


Calm Solitude. During a trip to Parga on the greek mainland I saw this and liked the contrast of the still water and the layers of the distant mountains.

Calm Solitude

An unwanted visitor. During a trip around Corfu we stopped for coffee and found this at our table.

An unwanted visitor


Corfu town

Corfu town


A Candle and a Prayer. My wife in a Corfu church. Shoulders had to be covered.

A candle and a payer


Ionian Sunset. A bit of a cliche’ shot but who can resist the sunsets when in the Greek islands.

Ionian sunset

Sunset over the Cyclades, Santorini. June 2015. A taster for what’s to come.  Taken at Santorini 2 years ago. We are off to the Greek islands again soon, looking forward to some Raki and Moussaka, and hopefully some decent images of Greek life.



Sunset over Oia. A stereotypical ( and cliched) shot of sunset over Oia, Santorini. Everybody gets this shot …. including me! A beautiful island noted for it’s spectacular sunsets.



Trees on a hill with snow. This was taken some winters ago (when there was snow) so I decided to create a black and white image with a slight abstract feel to it. So from an original image with virtually no interest comes something more unique ….. in my view!Trees on a hill with snow

Forks and a Strawberry.

This was created as an abstract image for a competition and was quite successful. I played with using forks as a composition tool but then added the strawberry for a contrasting colour.

10_Forks and a strawberry_RogerGreen

Mr Chang (for want of his real name).  Someone I met on my travels who didn’t insist on a model release form! He was protesting outside government buildings in Sydney, Australia for better patient care.

  Mr Chang

The Great Barrier Reef

No I didn’t scuba dive! This was taken from a small submersible craft moored off a large pontoon near the great barrier reef. A little cramped and claustrophobic but I got the shot!

Great Barrier Reef

Half peeled Orange

Half Peeled Orange

Another semi abstract image this time created for a still life competition at my local camera club. Unfortunately it failed miserably!


Light and Shadow (abstract)

03_Light and Shadow_RogerGreen

An abstract image created by me with cardboard and a torch for illumination. I always enjoy creating abstract or experimental images that take longer to set up than any other medium. Not to everyone’s liking but fascinating to me. Probably I should get out more!


Waiting for the tide.

02_Waiting for the tide_Roger Green

A view of the beach at Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk. Taken during a windswept visit to Wells and Blakeney in early March when the weather was kind enough to walk on the beach.


New Parliament Building, Valletta Malta

New Parliament Building, Valletta, Malta

I took this always with the intention of trying to produce a more abstract image of this building. It contrasts sharply with the general architecture of Valletta that is old and historic. I created a b/w image as I thought is was the most striking.


 Dunes in BloomDunes in Bloom

This was taken on Sandbanks beach Dorset when the dunes were in bloom. I defocussed and softened the image intentionally to present a more ethereal appearance. 2017 landscape competition print winner.


Footbridge over the marsh

Footbridge over the Marsh

An image of the footbridge over Blakeney marshes, Norfolk, UK. It was a very windy evening and the light was difficult to read. It was almost impossible to hold onto my camera and bag so not too bad considering it was hand held.


Beach Huts Panorama

Beach Huts Panorama

This was taken at Wells Next Sea in Norfolk, UK. It comprises 8 different hand held exposures and stitched together in Photoshop. It was on my bucket list of things I wanted to photograph and enjoyed the opportunity to capture these huts on a day when few people were about. Obviously much too cold for holidaymakers.


Tethered Boat

01_Tethered boat_Roger Green

Another shot at Blakeney marshes on the same evening as the footbridge image above. Trying to explore the isolation of the boat against the incoming tidal estuary flow. It was extremely windy at this time and difficult to stand upright to take the photograph.